Can an Access Control System Secure Your Property?

Can an Access Control System Secure Your Property?

Track access to your Bluffton, SC or Savannah, GA building

Access control from Video Security Technologies Corp allows you to grant and track access to your property. You can set specific parameters, such as security level, for each user. You can even restrict access to certain times of day or days of the week.

This is useful to limit and observe entry into:

  • Gated residential communities
  • Secure workplace areas
  • Private apartment buildings
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3 reasons you need an access control system

Conventional thought says that the fewer people who hold keys, the safer a building is. But when it comes to an electronic security system, providing system access to multiple employees or residents only increases security.

Granting system access to select individuals:

  1. Provides an electronic record: You'll know who is accessing the system and at what times.
  2. Protects residents or employees: Restricting access to known individuals keeps everyone in the building safer.
  3. Offers remote system access: If an emergency arises, you or another designated user can grant one-time access from anywhere in the world.
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